Bamboo- FusionĀ® is a reputable and loyal company that offers high-quality training and bamboo products.

Bamboo-FusionĀ® Massage LLC was created by Nathalie Cecilia in 2004. It took her two years to develop the technique.  Saving her hands and her career as a massage therapist was the motivation for creating this new and unique modality. Bamboo sets were not available for sale at that time, so she went to Sears and purchased the machines to cut and sand the raw bamboo to make her own. She shared this effortless way to do deep work on clients with other therapists, and it became very popular in the massage therapy world.

She  travels the world to help others by sharing her knowledge.  Today, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractor offices, spas and high-end resorts are implementing her technique.